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This is my controller:

def addcar
    @car =[:car])    
    render :action => "list"  

this is my view:

<%(@allcars).each do |cell|%>
    <p><%= link_to cell.to_s, :controller => "car", :action => "addcar", :car => cell.to_s %></p>
<%end %>

In the link_to statement I want to pass cell.to_s to the controller. How can I do that please? The cell.to_s is just a string but I want it to be the name of the car object (car.Name)

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up vote 1 down vote accepted[:car]) expects params[:car] to be a Hash ({:foo => "bar"}). So change your code:

<% @allcars.each do |cell| %>
    <%= link_to cell.to_s,
          :controller => "car",
          :action => "addcar",
          :car => { :name => cell.to_s } %>
<% end %>
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