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I recently upgraded Jekyll, and map doesn't seem to work in my liquid templates anymore. Before I had

{{ page.categories | map: "capitalize" | join ", " }}

which worked as expected, producing

Programming, Ember, d3

but now it produces

 , ,

There is a array_to_sentence_string function included in Jekyll, but this doesn't capitalize the categories.

Has anybody else run into this problem?

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First, please update to Jekyll's latest version in case you didn't already. The guys working on it are constantly fixing bugs and improving it.

Well, I got it working here. I created a new Jekyll site using jekyll new test and modified my index.html:

layout: default
title: Your New Jekyll Site
categories: [my, new, site]

<p>{{ page.categories | map: "capitalize" | join: ", " }}</p>

When I build it, My, New, Site is appearing correctly. So, try to use correct YAML array syntax ([..., ..., ...]), upgrade to latest version of Jekyll and it should work. :)

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Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you. Not sure where I got this from (my brain?) but my syntax was (item item item). –  Sam Selikoff Aug 13 '13 at 3:59

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