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Now that ActiveRecord::Relation#all is deprecated in Rails 4, how are you supposed to iterate all records?

Used to be like:

Foo.all.each do |foo|
  # whatever

I can approximate it now like so, but it feels dirty:

Foo.where(true).each do |foo|
  # whatever

Is there a better way?

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According to the Rails Guide on Active Record Query Interface, the correct way to iterate through all records is by using find_each.

Using Foo.all.each will load the entire table into memory, instantiating all the rows; then iterate through the instances. find_each does this in batches, which is more efficient in terms of memory usage.

From the guide:

The find_each method retrieves a batch of records and then yields each record to the block individually as a model. In the following example, find_each will retrieve 1000 records (the current default for both find_each and find_in_batches) and then yield each record individually to the block as a model. This process is repeated until all of the records have been processed:

User.find_each do |user|


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It probably doesn't, but does using find_each reduce the number of queries? – Hunter Stevens Jul 22 at 18:25

yes, Foo.all.

all is deprecated on an ActiveRecord::Relation (eg. Foo.where(true)), not on ActiveRecord::Base.

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Aha, I guess the deprecation warnings are getting it wrong then. I'm being warned wherever I'm using Foo.all – jemminger Aug 11 '13 at 18:50
you may have to elaborate more on the code you're using and the warning you're getting, then. – sevenseacat Aug 12 '13 at 1:14

Release notes for Rails 4:

Model.all now returns an ActiveRecord::Relation, rather than an array of records. Use Relation#to_a if you really want an array.

So your code will look like this:

Foo.all.to_a.each do |foo|
  # whatever


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This appears to be an incorrect deprecation warning somewhere in Rails. As of Rails 4.0.2 the warning message still exists. I get the following error when I try and run Foo.all:

DEPRECATION WARNING: Relation#all is deprecated. If you want to eager-load a relation, you can call #load (e.g. Post.where(published: true).load). If you want to get an array of records from a relation, you can call #to_a (e.g. Post.where(published: true).to_a).

I'm almost 100% certain I watched in a RailsCasts that #all was being changed to return an Relation in Rails 4 (instead of an array) - no mention of deprecation.

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