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I cannot determine why this is not working. I throw it in irb and it works fine.. Please let me know if you see the issue

My Code:

class Player
  def play_turn(warrior)
    @warrior = warrior
    @turn ||= 0

    puts @warrior.look

    if @warrior.look.include?("Wizard")

Output of puts which is an Array:


For some reason it will not do the shoot, this if statement returns false.. Thanks!

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Just because you don't understand the code in the question doesn't make it "off topic." Leave open. –  Ethan Aug 11 '13 at 19:31

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@warrior.look returns an array of Space objects and not strings. Only puts converts them to string that is why your .include?("Wizard") is not working.

So you can convert the Space objects to string before your .include?("Wizard") or you need a condition which works on Space object like using the Space#enemy? or Space#unit methods:

if @warrior.look.any? { |space| space.enemy? }
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Ah! Perfect, thanks! –  jakecraige Aug 11 '13 at 14:06
Here's a gist of all solutions: gist.github.com/GantMan/8924331 Also, I'm doing a blog post on walkthroughs for it :) iconoclastlabs.com/blog/ruby-warrior-walkthrough-part-1 –  GantMan Mar 3 at 0:14

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