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As the title, i using remote validation to valid the Username field. But the name of the field in Html is User.Username. How can i pass the parameter with the name having dot User dot Username. If dont use the parameter with the match field name. The validation not works? Anyone can give a solution?


Here is my action method:

public JsonResult ValidateUsername(string Username)
        var user = IUserRepo.GetUserByUrName(Username);
        if (user!=null)
            return Json("Vui lòng chọn tên khác, tên đăng nhập đã tồn tại.",JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
        return Json(true,JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

And the property to valid in Entities:

    [Required(ErrorMessage="Tên đăng nhập không được rỗng.")]
    [StringLength(10,ErrorMessage="Tên đăng nhập không được vượt quá 10 ký tự.")]
    [RegularExpression(@"(\S)+", ErrorMessage = "Không được có khoảng trắng.")]
    [Remote("ValidateUsername", "Account")]
    public string Username { get; set; }

And the view:

                    <td class="info_label">Tên đăng nhập</td>
                    <td>@Html.EditorFor(m => m.User.Username)
                    <td class="check_user">@Html.ValidationMessageFor(m => m.User.Username)</td>

The name of the view in firebug is User.Username but the parameter pass to action method is Username. It doesn't match so it's is the reason the field not invoke or valid. How can is pass User.Username as parameter?

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Please show us some code that you tried ? – Imad Alazani Aug 11 '13 at 14:26
I have updated code i tried. – Luffy Aug 12 '13 at 7:05

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You have to just use the model binding capability of MVC, just having the form like

 <input type='text' name='User.Username' value='' /> 
 <input type='password' name='User.Password' value='' />

You can have the logon method the account or whatsoever other controller you have to look like this

public ActionResult Logon(User userDetails){
         // allow the access to the app
     else {
          //return the logon view with the appropriate model state error messages

In case you need to post the data via Ajax to the action method, you can use like the following

function ValidateUserName(){
var user = {};


// other defaults here
data: JSON.stringify(user);
// other defaults here
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I just want to pass my parameter like User.Username to my action method to check unique username in database. – Luffy Aug 11 '13 at 10:36

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