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I've run into a weird problem after uploading a lot of images with gsutil - the uploaded files cannot be seen via the Google Cloud Console and gsutil itself complains if I try to do a 'gsutil ls '. I am 99% sure it is related to the use of "å" or "Å" together with spaces in the directory name.

All uploads were done recursively from a root folder (large image collection in multiple levels of subdirectories). If I try to upload the files again, gsutil skips them since they are already there, so the upload feature does something - it just isn't working in the same way as the list and download.

An example:

gsutil cp -R -n /Volumes/Photos/\ Søgården\ -\ bryllup/ gs://digitalfotografen/2009/
Skipping existing item: gs://digitalfotografen/2009/2009-05-30 Søgården - bryllup/Søgården 0128.CR2

OK - so the files are there, but browsing the directory through the Google Cloud Console shows "No results".


gsutil ls gs://digitalfotografen/2009/2009-06-27 Søgården - reklamefotos/20090627_IMG_0128.CR2
CommandException: "ls" command does not support "file://" URIs. Did you mean to use a gs:// URI?

I tried escaping spaces and used quotation marks in different ways with no luck.

Now, here is the interesting thing:

gsutil cp -R -n /Volumes/Photos/\ Søgården\ -\ bryllup/ gs://digitalfotografen/2009/
Copying file:///Volumes/Photos/ Søgården - bryllup/Søgården 0128.CR2 [Content-Type=application/octet-stream]...

Here I copied the folder specifically with escaped spaces on the source side, and now the files are uploaded again. This creates a second folder with the same name (at least it appears so in the Cloud Console) and the files are now visible in both folders.

We use three different characters that are outside the standard US ASCII in the Danish character set ("æøå" and the capital "ÆØÅ") but the problem only seems to affect "å" and "Å" - the two others alone or in combination works fine. My hunch is that "å" and "Å" may translate into something entirely different in ASCII that throws things off track when gsutil is allowed to handle the directory naming on its own based on the name of the root folder (doing a multiple level recursion) but works when the user specifies the escaped name of the root folder.

This may be a python issue rather than a gsutil issue, but I am in no way qualified to identify this since I have very close to zero knowledge of programming outside a bit of hodgepodge shell scripts.

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This does look to be a bug. We're investigating. I'll post back here when we have an update. – jterrace Aug 11 '13 at 18:36
Thanks a lot. A bit of additional info: The folders created with the recursive copy cannot be removed again via the Cloud Console, but it can be done via gsutil if the folders are given as wildcards before the 'å'. An example: localhost:~ anders$ gsutil rm -R gs://digitalfotografen/2009/'2009-06-06 Søgå'* CommandException: No URIs matched: gs://digitalfotografen/2009/2009-06-06 Søgå* Remove the final 'å' before the wildcard: localhost:~ anders$ gsutil rm -R gs://digitalfotografen/2009/'2009-06-06 Søg'* Removing gs://digitalfotografen/2009/2009-06-06 Søgården - grillaften/... – Anders C. Madsen Aug 11 '13 at 20:46
this should be fixed now if you wouldn't mind confirming it's working for you. – jterrace Oct 16 '13 at 1:07

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