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I have Windows 8 OS running on my machine and i also have Linux Ubuntu Virtual machine. I want to install ruby and work with it and I heard that windows doesn't support all ruby gems and Linux will be better for ruby. so do you think I should install ruby on windows or on my Virtual machine? which will be better? And help me with installing ruby on it. Also I want to know if there is any IDE as in eclipse for java better than a command prompt?

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You may have some problems with gems on Windows, but in general those will be the gems that support Linux-only functionality. The same applies to a Linux installation: you may have problems with some gems there too, in particular with those that support Windows-only functionality.

Unlike Perl, where Windows compatability was bolted on after the language had established itself on Linux, Ruby is genuinely a cross-platform language, and there is no best choice of platform. Your only consideration should be, "what platform do I want to develop for?"

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You may have some problems with gems on windows. Although they are mostly solveable, you'd better install x86 ruby interpreter.

  • First thing you should do is install ruby and devkit from this site. Full information about install process you may find here.
  • Well, you almost done. I think you will need some gems.
  • IDE is a hard question. I heard you mentioned eclipse. It is not only for java!:) If you are interested you may keep using eclipse. How? Read this article. It's about DLTK (Dynamic Languages Toolkit). But my choice is Aptana Studio. It is eclipse based IDE. Why Aptana? It is free and provides eclipse-like user interface. If you want to use debugger (I know you do) you should install debug-base and debug-ide gems.

    There are also some proprietary IDEs like RubyMine (i really like it btw) or VS "plugin" Ruby in Steel

I have windows8, ruby 2.0 x86, Aptana IDE. Not everything but almost works fine.:)

Good luck!

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