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I'm developing a REST based web service using jersey. I want to implement role-based authorization for this web service.

Now suppose i have one method getUsers() :

public void getUsers() {
  // some code.

getUsers() will be invoked for a GET \Users request.

After getting the request i will authenticate the client using it's credentials and will determine his role then i have to decide to let the request pass or reject.

Getting credentials and authenticating user is not a problem, i need a way to get reference to the method which will be executed for a request.

So that i can check its @RolesAllowed annotation to grant or reject access.

In RestEasy we have PreProcessInterceptor interface which has following method :

 preProcess(HttpRequest request, ResourceMethod methodInvoked)

ResourceMethod's getMethod() gives us reference to the method being invoked in our case getUsers(). Using this Method reference i can check the annotations an do stuff.

Now my question is how can i do it in Jersey?

What is the Jersey alternative of RestEasy PreProcessInterceptor?

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from your description it seems a good task to be implemented with aspect oriented programming paradigm. When a get request is issued, you intercept it, check the user and let the method to be executed (or not). – MaVVamaldo Aug 11 '13 at 12:43
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You can inject ExtendedUriInfo and call getMatchedResourceMethod. This should work also in (post-matching) filter, so you should be able to use JAX-RS ContainerRequestFilter.

Then call ResourceMethod.getInvocable().getHandlingMethod() and you can check whatever you need :)

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