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functions fine in every other browser but safari. selector is for a.class, in my case: $("a.nav")

When I do <a class="nav" href=page.html><img src=icon.png/></a>, it becomes not possible to close out of the modal dialog by clicking outside of the dialog or clicking the x icon. what is my problem?

thanks in advance

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honestly after a few hours I realized the src was an issue:

heres the offending line: "nothing can hurt me: the big star story.html"

<a class="nav" href="test.html" id="">
          <img src="b5.png" width="71" height="93">
<a class="nav" href="nothing can hurt me: the big star story.html" id="">
          <img src="b6.png" width="71" height="93">
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hideOnContentClick = true?

Also a long shot but quoting the href and src attributes wouldn't hurt.

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