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I'm using something like this to start a looping sound:

if (m_pSource ==  OS_INVALID_SOUND)
    alGenSources(1, &m_pSource);AL_CHECK
    alSourcei(m_pSource, AL_BUFFER, m_pBuffer);
    if (Is3D())
    if (IsLooping() && !IsStreamming())
        alSourcei(m_pSource, AL_LOOPING, AL_TRUE);
if (m_pSource !=  OS_INVALID_SOUND)

then at some point I use:


to stop the sound and then:


once again to restart it. Everything works as expected except the sound is not restarting after the last play. Anyone has any idea what can cause this ? or if I do something wrong ?


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I found the issue, it seems that even if I delete the source, the minDistance, maxDistance, pitch modifier and other parameters are saved somewhere (when I create a new source sometimes has set up some of the parameters previously set). So the best way is to set everything right after the source is created.

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