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I have a range of numbers in a1:80. I want to count the total number of values in a1:a80 that fall between X and Y e.g.

Value X = 30000 value Y = 35000

cell a1 = 34000 cell a42 = 33000

Goal: The formula will tell me that there are 2(two) instances in a1:a80 that have a value between X and Y.

I've tried a variety of combos as below:



=IF(OR(">="&V3,"<="&W3),"there are COUNT(1)","there are COUNT(0)")

Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKKmlSENNLM

and here's the spreadsheet: https://plus.google.com/116948076340592829238/posts/6dDtKuEebNm

Thank you for considering this problem worthy of your time.

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You may use COUNTIFS, the multi-range, multi-criterion alternative to COUNTIF:


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I got an answer from a friend


I modified is to use a value in the spreadsheet:

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