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Can someone show me an example of how to get the amazon S3 url after my Rails form uploads a file? My application has the filepicker.io/etc/etc url when I use the but I want the actual amazon url.


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Ok, I don't have a complete answer, but I've been trying to figure out this same thing for the past couple of days. Here's my form field:

<div class="filepicker">
    <%= f.label :filepicker_url, "Upload an image:" %>
    <%= f.filepicker_field :filepicker_url, dragdrop: true, mimetypes: 'image/*', onchange: 'onImageUpload()', button_class: "btn btn-gray", id: "filepicker" %>

This is the js that goes with it:

var base_url = "https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/YOUR_S3_BUCKET/"

function onImageUpload() {


      {location:"S3", access: "public"}, 

        var key = (JSON.stringify(InkBlobs[0].key));
        key = key.replace("\"","");
        var url = base_url + key;


This is for storing your files/images in your own s3 bucket and using that url directly (less dependence on ink). The S3 url is your base url plus the s3 key returned in the InkBlob. I am trying to insert the url into my input field using jquery... but for some unknown reason, it does not save with my user. I can see that it is being entered in my input field with console.log, but don't know why it isn't being saved.

I am also having issues with mismatched protocols (http vs https) with iframe. And although I haven't been able to store a filepicker_url yet, I keep reading about issues with turbolinks.

Anyways, hope this helped some. Let me know if you figure out any more.

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