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I have a code to get urls from bing search.

import requests
URL = "https://mykey:mykey@api.datamarket.azure.com/Bing/Search/Web?$format=json&Query='query'"
API_KEY = 'mykey'
query = "JohnDalton"
def request(query, **params):
    query = ('%27'+query+ '%27')
    r = requests.get(URL % {'query': query}, auth=('', API_KEY))
    print r.content
    return r.json()['d']['results']

r = request("JohnDalton")

print r[0]['Url']

The script only gets urls related to "query" which i have put in the url, Even though i have tried replacing the value with the vairable query in the line;

r = requests.get(URL % {'query': query}, auth=('', API_KEY))

Why is it not replacing the values?

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That string formatting code isn't working. Try this instead:

URL = "https://mykey:mykey@api.datamarket.azure.com/Bing/Search/Web?$format=json&Query=%s"
get(URL % urllib.quote(query, safe='~()*!.\'')) # Don't forget to urlencode it
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You need to change the format string to use %(query)s where you want to replace stuff. See the following -

>>> 'My name is %(name)s' % {'name': 'Monty Python'}
'My name is Monty Python'

Or by using format(...) as follows -

>>> 'My name is {name}'.format(name='Monty Python')
'My name is Monty Python'
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Don't build the urls yourself - requests can handle it:

API_KEY = 'mykey'
def request(query):
    # quotes are for whole-phrase matching - don't escape them here
    query = '"'+query+ '"'

    # let requests build your URL
    r = requests.get(
        params={'$format': 'json', 'Query': query},
        auth=('', API_KEY)

    print r.content
    return r.json()['d']['results']
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this program on running doesn't return anything –  user2626758 Aug 12 '13 at 10:37

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