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I have tried two other suggestions found here to put a span around a word but each time it resulted in the span appearing above the text and not around it.

I have the following code:

<div class="dateCalendar">
June 10

The jQuery I am currently using is:

$('.dateCalendar').html(function(i, v) { return v.replace(/\s(.*?)\s/, ' $1 '); });

The HTML output is showing this:

<div class="dateCalendar">
June 10

Ideally in the end I would like to wrap the month in a span and the date in another span so I can style them differently in css.

Some notes that may be helpful to know:

  • .dateCalendar will appear more than once on a page
  • The date is coded in PHP within a Wordpress plugin that I can not alter
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$('.dateCalendar').html(function(i, v) { 
    return $.trim(v).replace(/(\w+)/g, '<span>$1</span>'); 

Demo: Fiddle

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Thank you! It worked :) –  Kelly Kruschel Aug 11 '13 at 17:40

How about this - assuming only two words:

Live Demo

$('.dateCalendar').each(function () {
  var cal = $(this); 
  var texts = $(this).text().split(" ");
  $.each(texts,function (i, text) {
    cal.append('<span class="' + (i == 0 ? "month" : "year") + '" >'+text+'</span>');
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You're almost there. The reason it's failing is because the resulting content isn't wrapped inside any tag.

See http://jsfiddle.net/ZymGK/1/. Basically this returns an array of span elements for each "word" (delimited by spaces) and make that the content of each div element with the class .dateCalendar.

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