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I'm having serious problems with Android Studio. I have totally uninstalled Android Studio, and any copies of Eclipse on my PC. I then deleted the .gradle .android folders in the users folder. I then Re-installed the latest release on my PC. The .gradle and .android folders have been recreated.

I now try to create a new project. I set all the usual, and then the following error comes up:

gradle error message when trying to create new project.

I have read multiple posts, most for older versions of Android Studio. My SDK is up to date, and yes I do have the Android Support Repository Revision 2 installed as well as Android Support Library Rev 18.

Why this has to be so complicated I just cannot understand.

Regards Adrian Wreyford

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Android Studio is an alpha release, and problems are to be expected. That said, it sounds like you don't have enough free memory. What does the IDE log say? – Peter Niederwieser Aug 12 '13 at 1:55

The only way I made this working was to add this line

org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m


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Well I managed to solve it after many hours of trying.

First of all I use Windows 7, with 16GB ram, and it was the system path that was truncated! This left me without the proper GRADLE_HOME path.

I manually downloaded the latest Gradle-1.7 build. Android studio 0.2.3 was using 1.6, but subsequently to my manual fix 0.2.5 uses Gradle-1.7.

I created a System variable: GRADLE_HOME with value: D:\gradle-1.7 that points to my manual Gradle install.

I broke my 'real path' (before windows truncated it) into 'extended' path variables, thus shortening my actual path, and inserted the following at the end of the path: %GRADLE_HOME%/bin;%JAVA_HOME%/bin;

There are many links on dealing with truncated windows path on stackoverflow. And that was all that was required to get it working.

Hope I can help someone else!

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I got the same error but the root cause was my internet security suite. I am using Comodo and I found disabling auto-sandbox solved the problem.

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thanks, I had the same issue with Comodo – A7maDev Jul 2 '14 at 7:26

I solved this problem by moving my Gradle folder to the root of the drive, as I suspected it was some sort of path problem. This didn't solve it immediately however it worked after a restart.

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