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I am using MVC3, C#, Razor, .NET4, EF5, SQL Server 2008.

I need to find out what the types of a property is on a domain object, particularly whether it is a ICollection ie Navigation Property or a simple POCO type ie int, string etc.

Basically I am mapping from a View to a Domain object, and I need to exclude the navigation properties (ICollection). I am using Value Injector and I can write a custom injector to ignore ICollection.

There is the "TypeOf" function I believe.

So my pseudo logic would be along the lines of:

Match if not(typeOf(ICollection))

Many thanks.


Tried first solution, but could not get it to work. Sample code below. All return true. I would expect isCollection1 and 2 to be false and 3 and 4 to be true.


        bool isCollection2 = stdorg.Id is System.Collections.IEnumerable;
        bool isCollection3 = stdorg.StdLibraryItems is System.Collections.IEnumerable;


This works for me:

bool IsCollection = (stdorg.StdLibraryItems.GetType().Name == "EntityCollection`1")

Value Injector actually required me to use:

bool IsCollection = (stdorg.StdLibraryItems.GetType().Name == "ICollection`1")

and this works a treat. For those interested Value Injector has a matching routine, and putting this condition in determines whether the match returns true, and if it does it sets the Target property value to that of the Source Property Value.

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He is a general type solution that may solve other property questions as well. Especially if something is nullable.

    foreach (var propertyInfo in typeof (T).GetProperties()) { //<< You know about typeof T already
          var propType = UnderLyingType(propInfo); 
          //if( decide if collection?){}

    public Type UnderLyingType(PropertyInfo propertyInfo) {
        return Nullable.GetUnderlyingType(propertyInfo.PropertyType) 
               ?? propertyInfo.PropertyType;

You may want to look at the info available in PropInfo as well.

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Thanks for this. I ended up going with EDIT2, although I have awarded the answer to this one since it is more generic. Thanks – SamJolly Aug 11 '13 at 21:49

If you have access to the property or object with the dot syntax, you can use the is operator.

var obj = new List<string>();
bool collection = obj is System.Collections.IEnumerable; // true since IEnumerable is the base interface for collections in .NET

If you are accessing properties via Reflection using methods like Type.GetMembers, you can use t.GetInterface("System.Collections.IEnumerable"). Where t is the type of that instance. The method GetInterface(string) returns null if that type does not implement the said interface.

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See EDIT above. I could not get it to work. All returning true. – SamJolly Aug 11 '13 at 21:05
See EDIT2, this works for me. – SamJolly Aug 11 '13 at 21:49

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