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Folks - I keep getting this message when attempting to use the following in a test. Suggestions?

Thamks - Glenn

The problem occurs on the line..

// x.Send(IsObjectMessageOf(m => weLikeIt));

        public void should_send_add_comment_message__when_user_adds_comment()
            Event currentEvent = SampleEventBuilder.PopulatedByNextId()

            _repository.Setup(x => x.FindByEventId(It.IsAny<int>()))

            var eventComment = AddComment.Create(currentEvent.Key, currentEvent.Id, "comment", Time.Now, "client", Guid.NewGuid());


            Func<EventComment, bool> weLikeIt = ec => ec.EventId == currentEvent.Id;

            _sender.Verify(x =>

                                x.Send(IsObjectMessageOf<EventComment>(m => weLikeIt)); // Bombs Here!

        private static ObjMessage IsObjectMessageOf<T>(Func<T, bool> matcher)
            return It.Is<ObjMessage>(m => m.Body is T && matcher((T)m.Body));
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You don't need lambda here:

x.Send(IsObjectMessageOf<EventComment>(m => weLikeIt));

You just need to pass a Func:

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