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So I have a string like this:


The last two characters should always be the decimals.

So the end goal here is:


I've been trying with substr to take the last two characters, split them off and then divide in to decimals by multiplying, it's not working and seems awfully complicated anyway.

Something like this:

$number = substr($str, 2, -2);


How can I reach the end goal, presented in the top.

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Why are all those zeros in the front? –  The Serenin Aug 11 '13 at 17:58
I don't understand why you divide by 500, but the easiest way is surely substr($str, 0, -2) . '.' . substr($str, -2) –  Dave Aug 11 '13 at 17:58

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You can use number_format:

$str = "000000000050000";
echo number_format($str / 100, 2, ",", ".");


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You can use intval() to get a number out of the string, and number_format() to format it properly.

$str = "000000000050000";
$int = intval($str, 10); //Base 10, because numbers starting with 0 are automatically considered octal!
$result = number_format($int / 100, 2);
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