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My situation is simple, I'm allowing users to authenticate on my Rails 4 application using Facebook.

In my Facebook settings, I have allowed localhost:3000 to be my Site URL.

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Locally, I can login and use my authentication just fine. But if I want to test this out in production, I need to change my site URL and the authentication no longer works on localhost:3000.

How can I tell Facebook to allow authentication on both localhost:3000 and foo.com?

How do developers handle this very common situation?

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This common situation is not very common actually, developer dont test at local and live server simultanneously. After the app is ready to use, either a new app is created (with changes in the app credentials in the code) or the site url is changed to the live server. –  Sahil Mittal Aug 12 '13 at 9:46

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Create two Facebook application: for production and for development. It's common practice.

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