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I am using the solution provided by the accepted answer in this question:

Android - How to make all lines in an edittext underlined?

The problem is that the onDraw() method is only drawing lines when loading the view using the following count

int count = (height-paddingTop-paddingBottom) / lineHeight;

This will not draw lines when the user keeps writing until we exceeds the number of counted lines. I need to execute the onDraw() again or find a better brilliant way to draw a new line whenever the user starts a new one.

enter image description here

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Did you try to simply call invalidate() (or postInvalidate(), if you happen to need to call if off the UI thread)? –  MH. Aug 11 '13 at 19:26

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In this case is your View updated only when application is loading or when screen configuration changes. If you want to update the View at specific time you do not call onDraw() directly, but you call method View.invalidate(). Then UI thread will redraw the view as soon as possible.

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