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I have a submission form developed in ASP.NET C# and I'm trying to store the username of the LoginName control into a text box control. In simplest terms, make the username display inside a textbox. I'm able to store the current date into a textbox control using the following:

dateCreated.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString();

...with dateCreated being the id of the Textbox control and it works fine.

The following is what I'm attempting to do for the LoginName control:

createdBy.Text = LoginName1.ClientID; 

...with createdBy being the id of the textbox control am attempting to store the username into. The following is the design for my LoginView Control:

<asp:LoginView ID="LoginView1" runat="server">
   You are not Logged in, Click the login link to sign in
   You are Logged in. Welcome, <asp:LoginName ID="LoginName1" runat="server"/>

but, I'm stuck as to what definition I'm to apply to the LoginName1. Could I please get some help as to how I'm to accomplish this task? I'm new to .Net, Thank You

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You can't capture LoginName content in this way. But the following code will do the job:

createdBy.Text = User.Identity.Name;
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...That did the job, thank you. –  Anthony Knight Aug 13 '13 at 21:33

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