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I'm trying to implement page templating in my codeigniter application, templating is working fine for instance, i have a blog page, which i'm trying to assign as my homepage, with different view and pagination and so on. When i write www.mywebsite.com/blog, it gets opened in homepage template, or assume that i have a page www.mywebsite.com/about , it gets opened in page template too. But when i try to access my website via www.mywebsite.com, i have a 404 error page. How can i assign my blog page as the homepage ?

Page Controller :

class Page extends Frontend_Controller {

public function __construct(){

public function index() {

// Fetch the page template
$this->data['page'] = $this->page_m->get_by(array('slug' => (string) $this->uri->segment(1)), TRUE);
count($this->data['page']) || show_404(current_url());


// Fetch the page data
$method = '_' . $this->data['page']->template;
if (method_exists($this, $method)) {
else {
log_message('error', 'Could not load template ' . $method .' in file ' . __FILE__ . ' at line ' . __LINE__);

// Load the view
$this->data['subview'] = $this->data['page']->template;
$this->load->view('_main_layout', $this->data);

private function _page(){ // methods }
private function _homepage(){ // methods }

in my Routes, i have set my default controller to page controller

$route['default_controller'] = "page";
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The problem is that there's no URI segment when you visit www.mywebsite.com. You can try setting the default value as:

$this->uri->segment(1 , 'blog')
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thank you very much. –  user1621727 Aug 11 '13 at 19:53

Your code

// Fetch the page template
$this->data['page'] = $this->page_m->get_by(array('slug' => (string) $this->uri->segment(1)), TRUE);
count($this->data['page']) || show_404(current_url());

the uri segment code


is looking first url segment, when you browse your site like www.yousite.come/blog it will work find but when you do www.yoursite.com 1st uri segment is missing so it will return false , so i will show 404 page.

Solution : You can just add the second parameter to the function like


now if the first url segment is missing it will not return false,it will return the default vlaue 'blog'

For more information about this you can see codeingitor documentation

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