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Got some code in ruby that looks like (method in the Product class):

  def merge_prices_with_suppliers(suppliers)
    data = []
    phs = self.prices
    suppliers_in = phs.map { |ph| ph.supplier_id}.uniq()
    for serv in suppliers_in  
      logger.debug serv
      data_for_supplier = phs.select{|ph| ph.supplier_id== serv}
      s = (suppliers.select{|s| s.id.to_s == serv }[0])
      if s.nil? || s.name.nil?
         name = "none" 
         name = s.name
      logger.debug "#{name} #{serv}"
      data.push([name, data_for_supplier.map{|ph| {date: ph.date, amount: ph.amount} }])

I'm reloading and re-running this with:

 reload! and g = Product.by_name( 'thenamehere') and  g.merge_prices_with_suppliers(suppliers)

OK so I make some changes because the select statement isn't working correctly. Then I reload!. When I reload and redo the "get" of the object, the new code is not present. The by_name code is pretty simple: Game.where(name: name).first (using mongoid). I've also tried reload! on a line by itself, no luck. I've tried setting the object to nil before reloading with no luck. I've tried making a completely different object, no luck.

But if I close irb and start it again, the new code is right there.

Why is reload! not actually reloading my code? I've read other questions on here about this issue but they didn't help.

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