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My internet connection is through a proxy with authentication and when i try to run scraoy library to make the more simple example, for example :

scrapy shell http://stackoverflow.com

All it's ok until you request something with the XPath selector the response is the next :

>>> hxs.select('//title')
[<HtmlXPathSelector xpath='//title' data=u'<title>ERROR: Cache Access Denied</title'>]

Or if you try to run any spider created inside a project gave me the following error :

C:\Users\Victor\Desktop\test\test>scrapy crawl test
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [scrapy] INFO: Scrapy 0.16.5 started (bot: test)
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [scrapy] DEBUG: Enabled extensions: LogStats, TelnetCon
sole, CloseSpider, WebService, CoreStats, SpiderState
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [scrapy] DEBUG: Enabled downloader middlewares: HttpAut
hMiddleware, DownloadTimeoutMiddleware, UserAgentMiddleware, RetryMiddleware, De
faultHeadersMiddleware, RedirectMiddleware, CookiesMiddleware, HttpProxyMiddlewa
re, HttpCompressionMiddleware, ChunkedTransferMiddleware, DownloaderStats
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [scrapy] DEBUG: Enabled spider middlewares: HttpErrorMi
ddleware, OffsiteMiddleware, RefererMiddleware, UrlLengthMiddleware, DepthMiddle
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [scrapy] DEBUG: Enabled item pipelines:
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [test] INFO: Spider opened
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [test] INFO: Crawled 0 pages (at 0 pages/min), scraped
0 items (at 0 items/min)
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [scrapy] DEBUG: Telnet console listening on
2012-08-11 17:38:02-0400 [scrapy] DEBUG: Web service listening on
2012-08-11 17:38:47-0400 [test] DEBUG: Retrying <GET http://automation.whatismyi
p.com/n09230945.asp> (failed 1 times): TCP connection timed out: 10060: Se produ
jo un error durante el intento de conexi¾n ya que la parte conectada no respondi
¾ adecuadamente tras un periodo de tiempo, o bien se produjo un error en la cone
xi¾n establecida ya que el host conectado no ha podido responder..
2012-08-11 17:39:02-0400 [test] INFO: Crawled 0 pages (at 0 pages/min), scraped
0 items (at 0 items/min)
2012-08-11 17:39:29-0400 [test] INFO: Closing spider (finished)
2012-08-11 17:39:29-0400 [test] INFO: Dumping Scrapy stats:
{'downloader/exception_count': 3,
  'downloader/exception_type_count/twisted.internet.error.TCPTimedOutError': 3,
     'downloader/request_bytes': 732,
     'downloader/request_count': 3,
     'downloader/request_method_count/GET': 3,
     'finish_reason': 'finished',
     'finish_time': datetime.datetime(2012, 8, 11, 21, 39, 29, 908000),
     'log_count/DEBUG': 9,
     'log_count/ERROR': 1,
     'log_count/INFO': 5,
     'scheduler/dequeued': 3,
     'scheduler/dequeued/memory': 3,
     'scheduler/enqueued': 3,
     'scheduler/enqueued/memory': 3,
     'start_time': datetime.datetime(2012, 8, 11, 21, 38, 2, 876000)}
2012-08-11 17:39:29-0400 [test] INFO: Spider closed (finished)

it appears that my proxy its the problem. Please if somebody know a way to use scrapy with a authentication proxy let me know.

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Scrapy supports proxies by using HttpProxyMiddleware:

This middleware sets the HTTP proxy to use for requests, by setting the proxy meta value to Request objects. Like the Python standard library modules urllib and urllib2, it obeys the following environment variables:

  • http_proxy
  • https_proxy
  • no_proxy

Also see:

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The thing is that the first link does not work for me I don't know why and the second already read and I don't know hot to set the http_proxy variable, If you help me – Vkt0r Aug 11 '13 at 22:36
Have you set http_proxy or https_proxy environment variable? – alecxe Aug 11 '13 at 22:47
yes man, the problem is fixed thanks. The link mahmoud.abdel-fattah.net/2012/04/07/using-scrapy-with-proxies was very usefull. – Vkt0r Aug 12 '13 at 21:09

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