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if I have

// types.go

type S string

func (s *S) Lower() *S {
    *s = S(strings.ToLower(string(*s)))
    return s


// in another file

import "u/types"

func main() {
    s := types.S("asdf")
    if s == "asdf" {
  1. Is there a way to shorten types.S("asdf") to just S("asdf")?

  2. Is there a way to lowercase method calls from other files? e.g. s.Lower() => s.lower()?

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1. If all your main() code was in the same package as types you wouldn't need the package name. (You could write types.Main and just call that from your main package). –  Crisfole Aug 12 '13 at 18:24

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It's not recommended for most cases but you can do import . "u/types" and all then skip the types prefix. . will import all the public symbols into your package for you allowing you to call them as if they were local to your package.

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  1. Not as long as that type is in a different package from where you're using it, without using dot-imports.

  2. Yes, if the other file is still in the same package. Otherwise, no, because then the function won't be exported (visible to other packages). This is Go convention.

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