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I'm writing a BlackBerry Java application and need it to submit a print request to a printer, possibly connected via Bluetooth. Buying a special printer just for the BlackBerry is an option.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks :-)

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P.S. I am interested in knowing whether or not this is possible, seeing a code example, and any other relevant info. –  Pavel Nov 30 '09 at 3:53

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Thoughts are different from writing own driver (How to print documents) to simply sending plain text over BT (how to take print out from blackberry,any api)

About using special printers and sdk:

Brother International Corporation today introduced its new BlackBerry printing software and software development kit (SDK) for its MPrint MW-140BT mobile printer, featuring Bluetooth wireless technology.

Brother Debuts Bluetooth Mobile Printing Software for BlackBerry Devices

When Planon first approached me about reviewing their PrintStik Bluetooth printer, my first thoughts were “Wow! Printing from my BlackBerry? That sounds cool.”

PLANon PrintStik PS910 Bluetooth BlackBerry Printer review

Anyway it's possible since there are applications like Cortado Basic Print

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