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I am trying to use wget (or curl) to download files from a https server but they recently changed the filenames to include numbers that don't appear to have a pattern (probably a file processing date or such). I found this other question which is similar but I am getting stuck because wildcards aren't supported with wget. I have https://server.com/yr/doy/file.id.tif. I had been using loops to download each year and doy folder but I only need 4 files out of ~50 files.

If yr=2012 and doy=100 and tile=h08v05, the file name would be: MOD09A.A**2012100**.h08v05.randomnumber.id.tif

Essentially I only want 4 files (4 different tiles) of a specific id but don't know how to get around the randomnumber without downloading much more than I need (each tif file is about 25MB).

I assume there is a slick way to do this but I also would settle for something like getting the list of files and then parsing out the random number and feeding that to wget. Thanks

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You can't guess the real URL so you have to download a page containing a link to that URL and parse it, then download the links –  golimar Aug 27 '13 at 8:23
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