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I need to port some code from Python to Perl. The Python code makes simple use of the warnings module, e.g.

warnings.warn("Hey I'm a warning.")

I've been googling around quite a bit but it's unclear to me what the equivalent Perl idiom might be. How would a Perl programmer handle this?

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To write a message to STDERR, simply use the built-in warn function.

warn "Hey I'm a warning.";

But you should also use Perl's warnings module, as well as strict because they turn on all kinds of useful compiler warnings and error checking for you.

Therefore, begin all your programs with

use strict;
use warnings;

warn "Hey I'm a warning.";

(You don't need the warnings module to use the warn function, though.)

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If you want something more in-depth than the simple warn function, you can use the Carp module. One of the particularly nice things about it is that it will let you print stacktraces with either warnings or errors. Full documentation available on the Perl site.

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