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I am doing a small project that requires me to highlight inside the web browser. Is there any library in javascript or java where I can highlight inside a web browser? I want to highlight a certain word or a chunk of words given the text.

I know that there are some similar questions that involve C#, but I only know javascript and java. If possible, please keep the methods as simple as possible.

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This question has been asked before.

It should answer it for you: How to highlight text using javascript

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Maybe the code from this jsFiddle is useful. The highlighter function:

function highLight(term,root,forElements,styleclass){
    root = root || document.querySelector('body');
    term = term instanceof Array ? term.join('|') : term;

    if (!term) {
     throw TypeError('Highlighter needs a term to highlight anything');

    forElements = forElements && forElements instanceof Array 
                    ? forElements.join(',') 
                    : /string/i.test(typeof forElements) ? forElements : '*';
    styleclass = styleclass || 'highlight';

    var allDiv = root.querySelectorAll(forElements),
        re = RegExp(term,'gi'),
        highlighter = function(a){
                       return '<span class="'+styleclass+'">'+a+'</span>'

    for (var i=0; i<allDiv.length; i+=1){
        // recurse children
        if (allDiv[i].querySelectorAll(forElements).length){
            highLight.call(null,term, allDiv[i],forElements,styleclass);
        // replace term(s) in text nodes
        var node = allDiv[i];
        for (node=node.firstChild; node; node=node.nextSibling) {
            if (node.nodeType===3){
                var re = RegExp(term,'gi');
                node.data = node.data.replace(re,highlighter);
    //finally, replace all text data html encoded brackets
    root.innerHTML = root.innerHTML
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