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from turtle import *
from random import randint

goto(200, 0)
goto(200, 200)
goto(0, 200)

area_size = 800 
max_coord = area_size / 2

num_dots = 300 

setup(area_size, area_size)

for _ in range(num_dots):

    dots_pos_x = randint(-max_coord, max_coord)
    dots_pos_y = randint(-max_coord, max_coord)

    goto(dots_pos_x, dots_pos_y)


OK so this code draws a square with a line splitting it making two equal triangles. what i REALLY want to know is how can i get the dots that land in ONE half of the square to turn red and when they land in the other half of the square i want them to turn blue. and the ones that don't land in the box stay black.

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I'm guessing you're using the random module and generating first the x coordinate and then the y coordinate. If this is indeed your method, then run a check on each as you generate it to see if it's within the confines of your box. ie if (x > 10) and (x < 20): and if (y > 15) and (y < 25): If the statement is true then set a variable the_color to red, else, set it to blue

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im talking about if i drew a square using the following commands, import turtle turtle.pendown() turtle.forward(200) turtle.left(90) turtle.forward(200) turtle.left(90) turtle.forward(200) turtle.left(90) turtle.forward(200) print turtle and when i generate for example 300 random dots, how would i get the ones that get into the square to change red? how would i define the square. sorry im a complete python noob – user2673638 Aug 12 '13 at 4:52
@user2673638 how are you "generating" 300 random dots and then drawing them? Where is the turtle starting? These are things that you should edit your question to include so that we can better help you. Can you post all of the relevant code you are using in the original question? – scohe001 Aug 12 '13 at 4:59
Ok, i've edited the question with my current code. – user2673638 Aug 12 '13 at 5:28

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