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It may be a duplicate question but i could not find the solution for this i want to copy a last 3 months files from one directory to another directory but i could find only to listing the files by using the following command.

find . -mtime -90 -ls

I really don't know how to copy the files by using -mtime. I'm new to linux please help me.

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Use the -exec option for find:

find . -mtime -90 -exec cp {} targetdir \;

-exec would copy every result returned by find to the specified directory (targetdir in the above example).

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I guess I would first store the list of files temporarily and use a loop.

find . -mtime -90 -ls >/tmp/copy.todo.txt

You can read the list, if it is not too big, with

for f in `cat /tmp/copy.todo.txt`;
do echo $f;

Note: the quotes around cat... are backquotes, often in upper left corner of keyboard

You can then replace the echo command with a copy command:

for f in `cat /tmp/copy.todo.txt`;
do cp $f /some/directory/
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Use this command:

for i in `ls -lrt | grep "jul" | awk '{print $9}' `; do cp $i* /some/folder/; done
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