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How to find the line numbers(of source file) of instructions from AST.


for the following code

24> void foo(){

25> System.out.println(" hi ");

26> }

the ast corresponding to print statement is

                    " hi "

I want to retrieve the line number of "System" from the generated Tree. The answer for "System" should be 25(line number in the source code).

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If your Tree for the System token is in fact a CommonTree, then you can use the CommonTree.getToken() method to get the Token for Symbol. You can then call Token.getLine() to get the line number.

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hi I tried it for the following input: "class HelloWorld{ \n \n public static void main(String args[]){ \n \n System.out.println("Hello world"); \n \n } \n \n } " where "\n" denotes new line. When I say Token.getLine() I get the output as 1, its same for every other instruction. Am I doing anything wrong? –  sri91 Aug 13 '13 at 3:48
I was able to figured out the problem. I was using ANTLRStringStream in place of ANTLRFileStream. Thank you. –  sri91 Aug 13 '13 at 4:42

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