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We have just started using Windows Azure and are now in the phase of designing our infrastructure. A question that I haven't really found a stright answer for is weather there is a limit on how many endpoints I can have per subscriptions. Some research told me 25 and then I found another place saying 150. I haven't found anything on MS offical Azure site or blog.

Does anyone know? and have the limit been confirmed?

Thanks in advance, Lucas

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I think you're confusing subscription with deployment (a subscription is really a billing model for your Azure resources: compute, storage, bandwidth, etc. A deployment will have a collection of VMs (or web/worker roles) living behind a single xxx.cloudapp.net namespace. You'd then configure endpoints at a deployment level. For a Virtual Machine deployment, you'll only worry about external-facing (input) endpoints, since VMs can communicate internally across all ports. For web/worker Cloud Service deployments, you'll also have input endpoints.

Regard the number of endpoints per deployment: This number has grown over the years, and will continue to evolve. I'm not sure of the current limit, but... It's very simple to create an endpoint with PowerShell. With a simple for-loop, you should be able to create endpoints until an error is thrown.

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