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I'm struggling to get an existing ARC-enabled control to run under Xcode 4.2 (OSX Snow Leopard), in a non-ARC-enabled project, and I'm facing various issues :

How should I fix the following issues ?

  • Use of (strong) in properties
  • Use of (nonatomic) in properties
  • Instance methods not found (not having being declared in the interface)
  • Enable new-style Objective-C

Also, it seems to be complaining about NSScrollerKnobStyle not being defined. Is it a 10.8-to-10.6 SDK-specific issue?

P.S. The control I'm using is ITSidebar

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You're going to have to change those strong properties to retain or copy, as appropriate. There's nothing wrong with nonatomic in non-ARC code.

You may have to add @synthesize directives for your properties to get the compiler to add accessor methods. @synthesize is the default in the latest compiler.

There ae a number of other changes to the language, such as object literals. They're all well documented; you just need to apply them in reverse.

I'm not sure about NSScrollerKnobStyle, but if you look it up the documentation will tell you when it was introduced.

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