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The adb tool has a tow module, the one is adb on the PC and the another is the adbd on device.

Now I added some log lines into the adb source code, then I compiled the adb source code and generate a new adbd file in:

target Symbolic: adbd (out/target/product/msm8625/symbols/sbin/adbd)

But I can't find the /sbin folder and the adbd file on my device. Is there anybody who uses their own adbd? How can I use mine instead of the original?

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You need to root your phone to access sbin folder – Gina Aug 12 '13 at 6:15

The adbd binary resides in the /sbin directory of the ramdisk from a decompiled boot.img.

To use your own adbd binary you would:

  1. Decompile your boot.img
    • There are specific utilities to do this:
      • mkbootimg, &
    • Or you could something more user friendly like Dsixda's Android Kitchen.
  2. Replace the default adbd binary in the /sbin directory of the ramdisk with your modified one.
  3. Recompile the boot.img
  4. Enjoy!

If you are making modifications in the adbd binary to enable root access in adb shell, you may also want to make modifications to the default.prop file; more specifically changing these entires -

to something like this:

Hope that helps.

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