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I need to show all moodle courses in menu listing. Can anyone suggest me that how can I get all courses using php code or moodle inbuilt functions.


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Assuming you are writing code to be run within Moodle, you can use the get_courses() function defined within lib/datalib.php. For example:

require_once(PATH_TO_MOODLE_ROOT . '/config.php');
$courses = get_courses();

will print out a data-dump of the returned array, showing details of all the courses in your Moodle site. This example is obviously not appropriate to use on a production site!

If you check the function definition in lib/datalib.php you will see the options available for restricting the result set to particular fields or controlling the sort order.

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// include this file

require_once($CFG->dirroot . '/lib/coursecatlib.php');

//Use this function to get all courses in menu listing.

$allcourses = coursecat::get(0)->get_courses(array('recursive' => true));


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