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I have a software that has python 2.5.5. I want to send a command that would start a script in python 2.7.5 and then proceed with the script.

I tried using


and http://redsymbol.net/articles/env-and-python-scripts-version/

But I cant get it to work... In my python 2.5.5 I can execute script as execfile("c:/script/test.py")

The problem is that the 2.7.5 has a module comtypes + few other. I dont know how to install it for my 2.5.5 so I'm trying to start a separate script and run it under python27. Now another reason why I want it its because I want to take the load off program. I have 2 heavy tasks to perform. The second task is the one that need comptypes so sending it to external shell/app would do perfect trick. Is there a way to do it ?

I wish I could just type run("C:/Python27/python.exe % C:/script/test,py")

Thanks, bye.

Little update. I try to run

import os 
os.system("\"C:\Python27\python.exe\" D:\test\runTest.py")

But I'm getting a quick pop up and close window saying that Import Error : no module named site... This works if I run from external shell but not from here :(

So I've tried another approach this time to add modules to python... in any case I run this :

import os 
import sys
import PyQt4
print PyQt4   
import comtypes
import logging

but it crashes with C error... Runtime Error : Program: c:\Pr... R6034 An application has made attempt to load the C runtime library incorectly. blablabla....

How can I import it ? Maybe if I can import it I can run it directly from my app rather than starting separate python...

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 18, in <module>
  File "C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\comtypes\__init__.py", line 22, in <module>
    from ctypes import *
  File "C:\Python27\Lib\ctypes\__init__.py", line 10, in <module>
    from _ctypes import Union, Structure, Array
ImportError: DLL load failed: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

Another update to isseu

so I run now

import os
os.system("start cmd {D:\test\runTest.py}")

now this works and he open CMD with c:\Python27 as directory but he dont run the file... any hitns how to fix it?

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python2.7 script.py should work. –  Blender Aug 12 '13 at 6:30
Hay Blender ! could you maybe type in full line of the code? atm I get error... File "<string>", line 1 python2.7 script.py ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax –  Dariusz Aug 12 '13 at 9:53
From your console, not in the shebang. –  Blender Aug 12 '13 at 9:56
Now you totally lost me :( you mean import os os.system("start cmd {python2.7 D:\test\runTest.py}") –  Dariusz Aug 12 '13 at 10:32

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