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I need to clarify my understanding of how iCloud should work and am following a tutorial to get my hands on it. To be precise here is what I am reading now: http://www.raywenderlich.com/12816/icloud-and-uidocument-beyond-the-basics-part-3 I build the example given as I move on with the reading.

And I just finished everything until the "Fixing Deleting" paragraph, not including it.

Stopping the reading, I took a break to run the app on two devices and see how it behaves.

Here is what surprised me (in fact the reason for this post):

I noticed that on each device I find myself with two independent sets of data that I can access: One when "Use iCloud" is OFF and another one when "Use iCloud" is ON. The set accessible when "Use iCloud" is OFF is particular to one device. The set accessible when "Use iCloud" is ON is synchronized between the two devices.

My question is: Is this the way it should be?

If the answer is NO, then I probably did something wrong when building the example.

On the other hand if the answer is YES, then it is working fine. But it is not exactly what I expected when I started.

I thought there should be a synchronisation between the two sets of data: set accessible when "Use iCloud" is OFF and set accessible when "Use iCloud" is ON.

Any bit of explanation from someone who has some experience with iCloud would certainly help me clarify the subject in my mind. Thanks for any useful tip.

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