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I am trying to setup middleware compilation for coffeescript and stylus in my express project. My config is as follows:

coffeescript = require 'connect-coffee-script'
stylus = require 'stylus' 

# coffeescript
app.use coffeescript  
  src: __dirname + '/../assets/src/coffee'
  dest: __dirname + '/../assets/public/js'
  bare: true  

# stylus with nib
app.use stylus.middleware
  src: __dirname + '/../assets/src/stylus'
  dest: __dirname + '/../assets/public/css'
  compile: (str, path) ->
    return stylus(str)
      .set('filename', path)

# public directory
app.use express.static __dirname + '/../assets/public'

My (intended) assets folder looks like this:

-- public
---- js 
---- css
-- src
---- coffee
---- stylus

localhost:3000/js/main.js <-- 404 localhost:3000/main.js <-- 404, but causes compilation

localhost:3000/css/main.css <-- 404 localhost:3000/main.css <-- 404, but causes compiliation

Here is my project

Am I misunderstanding something here? Thanks!

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I would highly recommend checking out Asset Rack, which both will give you a consistent interface for compiling files, and has a lot of benefits around running automatically at server startup and fingerprinting to enable forever caching.

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