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Before I was using Python NDB API and there was required attribute which I can set on properties. I can't find anything similar in Objectify documentation. How to do that with Objectify?

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You may want to use the standard java bean validation framework for this:


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It seems that objectify has no such functionality, where you would require user to set a value of field.

You can however prevent saving of fields with null value: @IgnoreSave(IfNull.class). (you can use any of the [If][2] subclasses: IfDefault, IfEmpty, IfEmptyString, IfFalse, etc..)

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I just understand that I can make no-arg constructor private (because it is required by objectify) and make one more public constructor with all required field values. But @IgnoreSave(IfNull.class) sure is helpful, I've don't even thought about it, thanks. –  bobby Aug 12 '13 at 10:38

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