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My option values are download from server. How can I update the option values after server return result?

 <select name="book" template iterate="book in books" bind-value="selected">
 <option selected="{{selected == book}}">{{book}}</option>

In .dart

 List<String> books= <String>[''];
 String selected = 'Doraemon';
 void main() {
      var request = HttpRequest.getString(url).then((jstr){
      // Parse json
      Map data = json.parse(jstr);
      // Refresh the list, but how to refresh option value?
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You should wrap the books value in a call to "toObservable".

List<String> books= toObservable(<String>['']);
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Thanks your hint, it work! – Agüero Roger Chan Aug 12 '13 at 16:21

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