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I have a sliding toggle div that is hidden on page load and when a button is clicked gets revealed. The div is 250px in height and is positioned top 0px. I have also tried bottom 100% which sort of does the same thing. I am using several layers of z-index and have had to position some divs using absolute in order to get the layout I wanted. But I was hoping there is a way to push all of these divs down by 250px when the sliding toggle is revealed. I was thinking that instead of using toggle div, maybe there is a way to scroll the page to -250px so that all the content appears the same but is pushed down?

This is the css for the div I am using in case there is something that can be done here:

position: fixed;

The script for the toggle is being used as follows:



}); });

And the toggle is being called using this html:

<div id="TopBar"><a href="#" class="show_hide">SHOW</a></div>

Which is all working, except it is overlaying the content that is already there whereas I want it to push it all down.

Any help appreciated.

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Using the clearfix method directly below the toggle div or it's wrapper should fix this:

HTML: <div class="clearfix"></div>

CSS: .clearfix { clear: both; }

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