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Can someone please tell me if I'm missing something here? I am trying the following commands in shell.

$ ./adb shell stop $ ./adb shell setprop dalvik.vm.checkjni true $ ./adb shell start

But Logcat always shows "CheckJNI is OFF" when I install the apk onto the device.. Is there something else in eclipse that I need to do to enable the XCheck:Jni flag?

Thanks for any help BD

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plz mention how you ever solved your problem .. That will be of great help... thanks –  amit Jun 26 '12 at 6:03

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I was able to get it to work so:

In adb:

adb shell

In launched after this shell:

setprop dalvik.vm.checkjni true

After this device was rebooted and at boot I see log message:

CheckJNI is ON

As stated in the official documentation for this command, you need a rooted device.

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There is a section on how to use checkJNI here too:


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