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I´m working in a jQuery pluging, and i have one error, i want modify the option of one instance of the plugin, but when i try it, i change the options for the all instances. Ok, my english is horrible, so is better than i put my code. Is a universal language ...


$.fn.interruptor = function(options){
	// Variable iniciales
	var esMetodo = (typeof options == 'string'),
			args = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1),
			returnValue = this;

	// Previene la llamada a los métodos internos		
	if(esMetodo && options.substring(0, 1) == '_') return returnValue;

		? this.each(function(){
			var instance = $.data(this, 'interruptor');
			return ($.isFunction(instance[options])) ? instance[options].apply(instance, args) : returnValue;
		: this.each(function(){
			($.data(this, 'interruptor') 
				|| $.data(this, 'interruptor', new $.interruptor(this, options))._init());

		return returnValue;
} // fin $.fn.interruptor

$.interruptor = function(elem, options){
	this.config = $.extend(true, $.fn.interruptor.defaults, {numero: parseInt(Math.random()*100)}, options);
	this.id = $(elem).attr('id');

$.interruptor.prototype = {
	_init: function(){
	setter: function(k, v){
		this.config[k] = v;
		return false;
	getter: function(){
		return this.id;
	debug: function(msg){

//Definición de los valores por defecto.
$.fn.interruptor.defaults = {
		numero: 0,
		img: 			'images/iphone_switch_square2.png',		// Dirección base en la que se encuentra la imagen que genera el interruptor
		estado: 	true, 																// 0 => OFF, 1 => ON 
		deshabilitado: false,														// Indica si el plugin se encuentra actualmente deshabilitado
		duracion: 200,																	// Duración en milisegundos del cambio de estado
		funcionOn : function(){alert ('On');},					// Definimos la función que se ejecuta en el On
		funcionOff : function(){alert ('Off');}					// Definimos la función que se ejecuta en el Off

Please, any one can help me.


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Ok, just have the asnwer to the question ... I have a error in my code:

that code line, is wrong

this.config = $.extend(true, $.fn.interruptor.defaults, options);

the correct line include a empty dictionary:

this.config = $.extend(true, {}, $.fn.interruptor.defaults, options);

So i need init the struct. Ok that is a dummdy error, i am sorry.

Ok, that way, now a can setter y getter the options of my plugin once instance.

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