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I am working on reports oracle 11g and applying formula as follows

function CF_CLEAR_EMP_NAMEFormula return Char is
    V_EMP_DESC VARCHAR2(1500);

and when I compile it gives me this error I checked :emp_serno1 type and formula type and no clue what happens when I change :emp_serno1 to :emp_serno which in other query it compiles but that's not what I want.

no PL/SQL translation for the bindtype given for this bind variable

I checked the error description on the internet:

Cause: A host variable was passed (by an Oracle Precompiler program, for example) to PL/SQL for binding. However, its datatype is not compatible with any PL/SQL datatype. So, the binding failed. Action: Change the datatype of the host variable to make it compatible with a PL/SQL datatype.

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“No PL/SQL translation for the blind type given for this bind variable” : I think this is a report Builder 11g bug.

When you get this error :

  1. Save report

  2. Close the existing report

  3. Re-open report and compile it

After that your report will be run without errors.

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