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I have several checkboxes on my page that each correspond to different courses. When the user checks the checkbox I want to sent a POST request to the server to add details of their enrollment to the database.

I have the following jQuery to take note of the change:

$(function () {
    $("input:checkbox").change(function () {
        var fullURL = document.URL;
        var url = fullURL.split('userID=');
        var userID = url[1];

        var courseID =

        alert(userID + "and " + courseID);

        $.post('/Admin/EnrolUser/', postData, function (data) {


On my page there are several checkbox inputs, how can I retrieve the value of the selected checkbox that fired the event and set this to the var courseID variable.

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var courseID = $(this).prop("checked") // $(this).val(); could help. have you setting id's to each checkbox?? if so then you can easily do this var courseID = $(this).attr("id");.. i hope it helps – maverickosama92 Aug 12 '13 at 11:32

Every jQuery function that deals with collections set's the value of this to be the current element.


$("input:checkbox").on("change", function(){

   $(this).val(); //Element that fired event

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Inside your change function the variable this represents your checkbox.

    $("input:checkbox").change(function () {
    var fullURL = document.URL;

    var courseID = $(this).val();



jsfiddle here

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