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Is there a way to tell libreoffice impress to skip autorecovery of files when you have no access to the machine it runs on despite ssh?

Another way of asking would be: Is it possible to completely control X or an application running in it via ssh?

This is about an RPi running in Kiosk mode without any input devices connected. Thank you so much for any advice on this. Regards, Alex

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You can disable autorecovery by starting LibreOffice with the command line option


For example:

libreoffice3.6 -norestore --impress

Just disabling saving of autorestore information (Tools -> Options -> Load/Save -> General -> Save AutoRecovery Information every ... Minutes) won't disable the Autorecovery mechanism.

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You could use VNC to control the desktop even if you would sit in front of it. The simplest setup would be:

user@raspy apt-get install tightvncserver
user@raspy tightvncserver # start it

Then connect using a vnc viewer to port 5901

You could also connect via ssh -X to redirect x traffic to the local x server. Try:

ssh -X raspbian_machine

It will open the text editor on your local machine.

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