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i am using the move command its working for one byte to string conversion for record values,but when i add more values it displays garbage value. here is the code


  tcommand = (

  tprotocol = record
    username: string;
    receipent_username: string;
    arr: tbytes;
    case command_id: tcommand of
        (username2: shortstring; ip: shortstring; port: word); // new info
        (status: boolean);
        (username_remove: shortstring);

  pprotocol = ^tprotocol;

procedure encode_packet(obj: pprotocol);
procedure decode_packet(arr1: tbytes);


procedure encode_packet(obj: pprotocol);
  setlength(obj.arr, length(obj.username) * 2);
  move(obj.username[1], obj.arr[0], length(obj.username) * 2);

  setlength(obj.arr, length(obj.receipent_username) * 2);
  // SetLength(Destination, SourceSize);
  move(obj.receipent_username[1], obj.arr[1],
    length(obj.receipent_username) * 2);
  // problem starts from here

procedure decode_packet(arr1: tbytes);
  setlength(username, length(arr1));
  move(arr1[0], username[1], length(arr1));

  setlength(s, length(arr1));
  move(arr1[1], s[1], length(arr1));


// displays correct value if recepient_username is not encoded

procedure TForm1.encodeClick(Sender: TObject); // button click
  obj2: pprotocol;
  memo1.Lines.Add('encode click');
  obj.username           := 'ahmd';
  obj.receipent_username := 'ali';



i think i have to make some indexing from where to start and stop decoding the byte array but i dont know how ? can anyone explain me how a string is stored in a byte array (when i debug i saw there are numbers and some nil values how could one get the string from indexing if they are so mixed up with nil values?)

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Please also add the "delphi" tag in your future questions. Most people here only look at questions tagged with "delphi" –  Sir Rufo Aug 12 '13 at 14:12
haven't looked at your code to see if you have any bugs...but One thing that jumped out at me...your working in UniCode string...you need to move to an AnsiString...UniCode is 2bytes per char...and Ansi is 1 byte per char. –  House of Dexter Aug 12 '13 at 14:20
i had to move to utf-16 bit encoding , isn't that right approach for it? –  Xenon Xe Aug 12 '13 at 14:30

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You copy with move command length*2 bytes on one side, but length only bytes on other side. If you use unicode strings, then you need to use length*2 bytes on the both sides.

Another problem here is that you copy two strings in one array, one by one. If you want to save both strings in one array, then you have to allocate enough of space inside array, also put information about length of strings and write content of both strings. Example how to put 2 strings into 1 array of bytes:

procedure test;
  len: integer;
  buf: array of byte;
  a,b: string;
  a := 'try';
  b := 'that';

  // save
  setlength(buf, SizeOf(Char)*(Length(a)+Length(b))+8);
  len := length(a);
  move(len, buf[0], 4);
  len := length(b);
  move(len, buf[4], 4);
  move(a[1], buf[8], length(a)*SizeOf(char));
  move(b[1], buf[8+length(a)*SizeOf(char)], length(a)*SizeOf(char));

  // restore
  a := '';
  b := '';
  move(buf[0], len, 4);
  setlength(a, len);
  move(buf[4], len, 4);
  setlength(b, len);
  move(buf[8], a[1], length(a)*SizeOf(char));
  move(buf[8+length(a)*SizeOf(char)], b[1], length(a)*SizeOf(char));

But i recommend you do not play with pointers and use any kind of serialization instead, for example memory streams.

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later i have to send this information using tidudpserver, but that doesn't use memory streams. –  Xenon Xe Aug 12 '13 at 14:27
i did length*2 bytes on the other side now only 2nd value is displayed correctly. –  Xenon Xe Aug 12 '13 at 15:34
the problem is still the same , i think when we setlength the array for next item the whole array is overwritten .. how to avoid this thing? –  Xenon Xe Aug 12 '13 at 16:01
i did it :-) for anyone who needs solution..yes the array was being overwritten ,did some indexing on both sides and the issue was resolved .. –  Xenon Xe Aug 12 '13 at 18:29
thanks Andrei , i did the same thing. –  Xenon Xe Aug 12 '13 at 18:33

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