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I recently created an ANTLR3 parser rule

options : foo bar;

which didn't compile and it took me some time to discover that options was a reserved word (AntlrWorks indicated an error but not why). Is there a list of reserved words in ANTLR and are there best practices in naming rules (which might help avoid this)?

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The reserved words of ANTLR v3 are:

    Keyword  |  Description
    scope    |  Dynamically-scoped attribute
    fragment |  lexer rule is a helper rule, not real token for parser
    lexer    |  grammar type
    tree     |  grammar type
    parser   |  grammar type
    grammar  |  grammar header
    returns  |  rule return value(s)
    throws   |  rule throws exception(s)
    catch    |  catch rule exceptions
    finally  |  do this no matter what
    options  |  grammar or rule options
    tokens   |  can add tokens with this; usually imaginary tokens
    import   |  import grammar(s)

See: (at the end of the page)

Don't know of a "naming convention" w.r.t. parser rules (other than they should start with a lower case, which is not convention, of course...).

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Thanks! I wondered if I shoulde use pseudonamespaced names such as init_a, init_b, ... to avoid clashes if possible. –  peter.murray.rust Nov 30 '09 at 17:02
No problem Peter. –  Bart Kiers Nov 30 '09 at 21:46

Using the reserved words of your target language can also cause problems.

I spent a day trying to figure out why my grammar wouldn't work only to realize it was getting messed up by the "enum" rule in my grammar I had named "enum".

This may or may not be an issue depending on what the target language is. I was using the default Java target, and it certainly was, so if that's the case you should check the list of reserved keywords for your target language as well.

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Could you expand the explanation please? –  peter.murray.rust Dec 17 '09 at 4:50

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