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Is there a website/list of problems which can be used to practice OOP design skills? Let's say if I am a colleague graduate familiar with object-oriented-design theory, these problems should give me a chance to exercise the theory and improve my software design skills.

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I think it's just suppose to be "OOP". Rollback my edit if I'm wrong. –  nickf Oct 8 '08 at 8:50

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If you're wanting to try out a new methodology or something, try making a small application just for you, or perhaps for internal use only. eg: A timesheet application, a task manager, a grocery list organiser, etc. Make sure it's a real problem, so you're forced to deal with real requirements. I've found that if you just play around and try things out, you tend to just ignore certain parts when they don't work immediately.

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CodeKata is a place to start.

It's not a web site, but Head First Design Patterns has a multitude of problems to solve.

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